Time Together






Time spent with friends and family is the most valuable gift for yourself and for those close to you.

Dr.Oetker and Paula offer you the opportunity to spend time with the people close to you doing fun activities. The time spent together as a family is proven to have a positive impact to the mental health of children. The weekly program of Ice Park offers a number of ways to enjoy the time spent together:

Sat-Sun 1PM-2PM – Time Together

Free skating lessons, fun trick tracks and playful competition. The instructors will also guide the grownups on how to teach skating.

Sat-Sun 2PM-5PM – Barbeque Time (If weather permits)

Enjoy some quality food from the grill!

Dr.Oetker emphasizes the time spent with family.

When the cooking is effortless, you will have more time for your loved ones. Click here to learn more about Dr.Oetker.