Dr. Oetker underlines the importance of time spent with family and loved ones. Dr.Oetker and The Ice Park offer the opportunity to spend time together with the people most important to you, in the heart of Helsinki.

In Time Together –events, you are able to gather the important people together and spend time  skating and enjoying the urban culture. Especially on weekends the program is designed to provide fun activities for the whole family.

City of Helsinki Sports Department

The mission of the Sports Department is to improve the quality of life and ability to function of the residents of Helsinki with the help of sports. The Department provides a diverse range of services for different customer groups, as well as activating and supporting other sports service providers, sports clubs and sports facilities.

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Key duties
- provision and maintenance of sports facilities
- maintenance of recreational areas
- organisation of supervised sports
- management of boat harbours and promotion of boat sports
- development and monitoring of fishing
- preparation of financial support for sports organisations and facilities
- marketing of sports services and providing the public with information about the services


XXL is the Ice Park’s  sports equipment supplier


Capital AV is the Ice Park’s hardware- and screen-supplier.