Central Railway Station, 00100 Helsinki

Ticket booth, cafe and information

+358 40 7755791
 jaapuisto (at)


Mira Hallikainen - Cafe Manager
mira.hallikainen (at)
+358 41 534 5491

Alina Pentikäinen - Producer
alina.pentikainen (at)
puh. +358 400 515 802

Jenna Ojala - Communications and Marketing
jenna.ojala (at)
+358 400 515 801

Sebastian von Schoultz - Restaurant Manager
sebastian.vs (at)
+358 500 455 555

Joni Hinkkanen - Key account manager & sales
joni.hinkkanen (at)
+358 40 621 2009


The Ice Park is made by:

The City of Helsinki Sports Department

The City of Helsinki Sports Department's mission is to improve the quality of life in Helsinki through exercise and sport facilities. Sports Department have built the rink of the Ice Park, and maintain the quality of the ice during the season.

Korjaamo Group

Korjaamo Group is responsible for activities of the Ice Park and its financing. Korjaamo Culture Factory is one of Scandinavia's largest cultural centers, which has been operating since 2004. Culture Factory Korjaamo produces significant cultural events, from music to theater and visual arts. Korjaamo also hosts two Escape Room -games.